Vidhyarthini Manch organized the “Employability Skill Training Program and Placement Drive”   for 3 days in collaboration with Labournet Social Enterprise.  This workshop was organized from 1st  to 3rd February for faculty of Arts, Science and Commerce, Computer Science. The first two days was Skill Training Program with interactive session was conducted by Mr. Saeed, Corporate Trainer along with Mr. Yogesh from Labournet.  Dr. Swaleha Pathan, Vice chairperson of Vidhyarthini Manch and  Dr. Sajid Hundekar, committee member of Vidhayrthini Manch, delivered motivational speech to participants of more than 76+  The workshop included interactive sessions on how to prepare for the interviews, how to dress up and how to face the interview, writing of resume and biodata, browsing of information about companies. The workshop encouraged the participation of students.  The question answer session was followed by each session. Some motivational films and short stories were shown to students. Th…


The Vidhyarthini Manch had invited Reshma Baig and her associate to conduct a workshop on ‘Skin and Hair Care’. The workshop was scheduled on 23rd January 2018 from 9.00 am onwards. Reshma Baig gave the information of about maintaining skin moisture, drinking water frequently, avoiding junk food, dealing with acne and pigmentation, eye care, black circles under eye, hair care, massage of head and many more. The students asked many questions and satisfactorily Reshma has answered all questions.  In this workshop the practical of make-up and various hair styles was shown to students. The function was success as more than 70+ students got benefitted by this workshop. The committee members Dr. Sajid Hundekar, Mrs. Mehrunnisa Shaikh, Mrs. S. Mulla, Mrs. Erum and Miss Rubina worked very hard and supported this workshop to be successful. Their supported is appreciated and acknowledged.

Dr. Swaleha S. Pathan
Vice chairperson of Vidhyarthini Manch


Health & Hygiene

Vidhyarthini Manch organized the program for girl students on Tuesday, 9th January 2018 on Health & Hygiene in collaboration with Proctor and Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited, Andheri (E), Mumbai. They conducted ‘Reward me’ grooming program for P&G Brand in our college for undergraduate girl students.  The admin Mr. Ijaz along with three representative from P & G visited the college and distributed sample of Wisper sanitary napkins and Pantene hair oil sachet free of cost to all girl students.  The beneficiary students were 80+  The program began with felicitation of Mr. Ijaz and representatives. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Swaleha Pathan on how to take care of oneself. She explained the students about common diseases related to unhygienic habits, how to protect oneself from such diseases, important tips given to maintain health and cleanliness and general instruction on maintaining hygiene. The program was attended by college lady staff members too. The committe…

Study Tour to Tribal Research and Training Institute, Tribal Cultural Museum

The Department of Psychology had organized a study tour to the “Tribal Research and Training Institute” Tribal Cultural Museum, in Pune was organized on 29th December 2017. The aim of the visit was to make students understand how Psychology is related to Anthropology, as it is the part of syllabus. This visit made students aware about the various tribes & their culture, the cookery pots, transportation, their ornaments and the life style they use to live in. the various bamboo craft, weaving techniques, weapons, musical instruments, the technique of farming, cloths, copper vessels and fishing etc. Mr. Santosh Nauvre, Director of the museum interacted with students and Dr. Swaleha Pathan explained the importance of Anthropology in human life and their behavior. The barter deal and business done by ancient man, how behavior changed from tribal time to modern time. More than +15 students got benefitted by this tour.
Students toured the museum and enhanced the knowledge on tribal people…

Study Visit to Savitribai Phule Pune University: Department of Psychology

The Department of psychology had organized a study tour to Savitribai Phule Pune University Department of Psychology. The aim of this visit was to make students aware about various Psychologists and their contribution to various field of Psychology, apparatus to conduct experiment, various Psychology tests and other techniques used in psychology to do assessment of IQ Tests, aptitude Test, personality test, adjustment Test, verbal and non-verbal test.
The Head of the Department, Dr. Mhaske interacted with students and Miss Shilpa the demonstrator of the department gave orientation lecture to students. Miss Shilpa showed photos of various Psychologists and their contributions, explained about various tests in psychology, the method of conducting experiments in Psychology, she explained about various apparatus and enhanced the knowledge of conducting experiments and drawing conclusion. She practically conducted experiment on one student and made them understand how the experiments are co…

Environmental Awareness :visit to the Japanese Garden

The Department of Psychology had organized the Environmental Awareness visit to Japanese Garden in Pune on 13th December 2017. The moto of this visit was to instill the environmental cleanliness, importance of landscaping, greenery and benefits of stress reliving factor in people created environment. 

This visit has motivated students towards tree planting. The psychology of environment is a part of syllabus for the students of Psychology

Dr. (Mrs.) Swaleha S. Pathan
Head, Department of Psychology

Study Visit to “Vidhya Jyoti” Special School for Slow Learners

Department of Psychology organized a study visit to “Vidhya Jyoti” a Special School for Slow Learners on Thursday, 7th December 2017 at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. the moto of this visit was to make students aware about the slow learners needs and their problems and how to deal with them with various psychological techniques and methods. The school Principal Mrs. Medha Marathe gave the orientation lecture to students of Psychology and interacted with the 15+ students. The school Principal Mrs. Medha Marathe gave the orientation lecture explained the concept of slow learners, the procedure of admission of such students to their school, their level of intelligent quotient, the way they interact with teachers and vice a versa, the way of shaping their behavior by reward and punishment method of psychology, their needs, their problems, the technique of solving their problems. Also she elaborated the knowledge on Autistic children. The students also interacted with her and asked their doubts and got …